Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lost my Thing 1 post

I managed to delete my Thing 1 post today. This is why I am doing this challenge. Right? This is just another example of a mistake I can learn from.

Thing 4 Flipboard

I will confess this app does not interest me at all. First, I had to get a tutorial from my tech savvy co-work on what an RSS feed was and after it was explained to me I still do not see it being useful to me. I do not follow many things that I want up to date info on in my personal life. Maybe a certain news site??Also,  I cannot see using it in my work  at this time in my life. Anyway, I decided to take a crack at it. Unfortunately, my sign up was rejected and you know what? I gave up right then and there.

Thing 3

I downloaded the Free Wi Fi Finder app on my Iphone. After a few days I asked my teenage daughter if I was correct in feeling that it was a bit redundant because of 3G. She agreed. I asked some savvy co-workers about it and they thought of several good reasons why it could be useful. For example, what if your 3G was not working or not working well? I do like the list view feature on the app. Not necessarily because it shows where nearby Wi Fi is, but because many of the places that have free Wi Fi are places I might need to stop at when I am in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I can see there is a Dunn Brothers coffee 0.75 miles from where I am subbing today. Good to know. My final verdict is still out on this app. I want to play with it some more as I travel around and give it some time.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

23 Things. Thing 2

Getting to know my mobile device better? What a great idea. The video about iOS 7 on my iPhone was interesting and I learned some new things. It also inspired me to load iOS 7 on my iPad. I have been putting it off.